5 Home Improvements To Make Your Car Safe at Home

Most homeowners make minor adjustments to their homes to accommodate their cars. These home improvements will help keep your vehicle in good condition and running smoothly while protecting your investment.

According to figures from the US Department of Transportation, there are about 276 million registered cars in the United States. In reality, 91% of households have a car, and it has been estimated that the average person spends about one hour daily in the vehicle. This means that many houses have at least one car, probably two.

Most people think of their homes as a place to relax and unwind after a long day, but your home can also impact your car. Small things like how you park or whether or not you have a garage can significantly affect how well your car holds up over time. Here are five home improvements that car owners should consider:

Install a carport

Consider adding carports if you don’t have a place to park your cars off the street. This will protect your vehicle from the elements and keep it from getting hit by other cars. A carport can protect your vehicle from weather, especially if you live in an area with severe weather like hail storms.

During a storm, potential debris could be hurled around by high winds and cause severe damage to your car exterior. A carport can help to deflect some of this debris and protect your car. Also, during winter, a carport can provide a place to park your vehicle that is not exposed to snow and ice. This can help to keep your car clean and prevent it from rusting.

There are carports for one vehicle only, as well as huge carports that may easily accommodate three cars. Depending on your outside space and vehicle protection requirements, you can pick the most appropriate for you.

Seal the driveway and sidewalks

If your driveway and sidewalks are cracked or crumbling, it’s time to fix them. Not only is this a tripping hazard, but it can also damage your car. Cracks and holes in the concrete can cause your vehicle to lose traction and skid. In extreme cases, it can even cause your tires to blow out.

To avoid this, repair any cracks or holes in your driveway or sidewalks as soon as possible. You may be able to do this yourself with some concrete repair kits, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

A male roofer is installing attic insulation.

Add insulation to the attic

If your car is parked in the garage, you may not think about the temperature in the garage much. However, extreme temperatures can damage your vehicle if your garage is not well insulated. In the winter, the cold air can cause your tires to deflate, making it harder to start your car. In the summer, the heat can cause your vehicle to overheat.

To avoid this, add insulation to your garage attic. This will help keep the garage temperature more consistent and prevent extreme temperatures from damaging your car.

There are different kinds of insulation, so be sure to choose one that is appropriate for your garage. Also, seal any gaps or cracks in the garage door to keep the insulation from leaking.

Install a security system

If you don’t have a security system, now is the time to get one. This will help to protect your car from theft and vandalism. A security system can also deter burglars from breaking into your home through the garage.

There are many types of security systems, so you’ll need to choose one that is right for you. Some of these types are:

  • Alarm systems: They can be set to go off when someone breaks into your garage or if someone tries to start your car without the key.
  • CCTV systems: CCTV systems will record any activity around your car and can be used to identify thieves.
  • Tracking devices: These devices can track your car if it is stolen.

When choosing a security system, consider the level of protection you need and the essential features. Also, consider whether you want a wired or wireless system, how many cameras you need, and what type of monitoring you want. Installing a security system can be a bit of an investment, but protecting your car and home is worth it.

Build a fence or gates around your property

This will deter criminals from trying to break into your car or steal it outright. It can also help to keep children and pets away from your vehicle, so they don’t accidentally damage it. Building a fence or gates can be an investment, but protecting your auto and home is worth it.¬†This will also deter vandals from trying to spray paint or otherwise damage your car.

You may want to consider building a fence or gates that are tall enough to deter thieves from trying to jump over them. You may also consider adding spikes or other features to the top of the fence or gates to make them even more challenging to scale.

All in all

Car owners should consider these home improvements to keep their cars in good condition and running smoothly. Consider these improvements and help ensure your vehicle stays in good shape for years. Making the necessary changes will protect your investment while saving money on future repairs or replacements.

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