Here’s Why You Need to Replace Your Windows

Are you thinking of replacing your home’s front windows? If they already look gaudy and do poorly to keep out the weather, then it’s time that you consider getting a window replacement in Salt Lake City. But how do you know when it is time to replace your windows?

Although most windows do not last forever, they can often last for more than two decades if maintained properly. To help you know when it is time for a replacement, here is a list of the things that you need to watch out.

They Are Dilapidated

Although it is possible to repair windows instead of replacing them, there are times when fixing them is no longer an option. Take note that even if your windows can still function, they are still prone to developing problems. So, if you notice that they are already drafty or they are not closing up, it might be the best time for you to get a replacement.

They Were Built Before the 1960s

Houses built before the 1960s typically use single-pane windows in most of their construction. And these single-pane windows often pose a real concern because of the chemical reaction that they produce whenever someone opens or closes the sashes.

The friction it creates tends to release lead dust from the lead-based paint from the windows, which can result to lead poisoning, especially in children. Replacing this type of windows helps eliminate chances of producing lead dust in the entire home.

You Want to Save Up on Energy Bills

Windows are a perfect way to let some heat in especially during the winter. However, drafty windows can cause your energy to rise to 25%, which is easily avoidable if only your windows fit well.

2 workers replacing window

Replacing your old windows with a more energy-efficient design can reduce your cooling and heating bills. It can be extremely beneficial, especially if you are listing your house for sale. You can use this newly added feature as a selling point for interested buyers.

Your Home Needs a Makeover

Windows are one of the most visible parts of your home. So, if they are already worn out, chances are your house looks worn out, too. Check for any fading color in your windows, or if the screens already look too old. These factors can affect the curb appeal of your home, making it less ideal for potential buyers.

They Survived a Storm

If you ever encountered a severe weather condition and barely managed to survive the storm, then there is a chance that your windows are damaged. If that is the case, then replacing your windows is the only option. It is best to use fiberglass to replace your window glass to ensure that it is much sturdier than the regular ones used in most windows.

When choosing replacement windows, it is best to review the feedback of previous customers to ensure their quality. It is always excellent to get your supplies from a reputable brand to guarantee your windows’ longevity.

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