How to create a great dental website for your practice

Dental websites are vital in this age of digital technology in which everyone is searching for their answers online. Most dental practices have good dental websites which are up and running and attracting new patients. It is important that your dental practice has the same otherwise you will be losing potential patients to competitors. The best way to create good dental websites which address all aspects of your business is by using the 7Ps of marketing as a backbone for the website. This will help make sure that nothing is missing from your website and that potential patients can find everything that they are looking for in one place so they do not have to browse other websites for further information which may then lure them away.

The 7Ps of Marketing

The 7PS of dental marketing are the profile, people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products related to your dental practice and here we will discuss a few of these important aspects of your business.

The profile of your business is made up of your name, your brand and your unique selling points which set you aside from your local competitors. This information can be used to create a fantastic homepage for your dental website which will attract the reader and encourage them to click within the first 5 seconds of coming across this page and explore the rest of your website further. Research has shown that unless a reader is interested within the first 5 seconds then it is unlikely that they will be wanting to find out about what else you have on offer. By creating a compelling homepage you can ensure that they will be able to find out more about the treatments and procedures that you practice.

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The rest of the website will be made up with the information with regards to how your treatments and procedures are carried out and to personalise this information and portray it in the most positive light possible. You should include photographs of your team and the actual premises of your dental practice to help reassure patients that this is a wonderful dental practice where they will receive good customer service as well as quality dental care.  by displaying pictures of your dentists smiling happily and confidently with their beautiful white teeth and including photographs and 3D virtual tours of your dental practice you are addressing the two of the other very important aspects of the marketing mix which are important in instilling confidence within a potential patient especially those of a nervous disposition as we all know that dental phobias are very common and most people are afraid of the dentist and need further reassurance in comparison to other businesses and services.

Speak to a digital dental marketing team to find out more about the other piece of dental marketing and how you can address these to enhance your website and also increase the efficacy of your dental marketing so that you can boost the number of patients visiting your dental practice very soon.

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