Four Home Improvement Trends Everyone Is Doing This Year

Giving your house a completely new look is a great way to increase its value without having to apply for a new mortgage. But with so many designs out there, it could be hard to find which one best fits your lifestyle.

Unlike the previous trends, today’s home renovation designs focus on embracing energy efficiency and multifunctional pieces of furniture. Most homeowners nowadays no longer want things on a grand scale. Instead, they want their space to be flexible and efficient to serve multiple functions. Even more, homeowners are more mindful of their wattage and how they can save money on utility expenses.

To help you catch up with the times, here are a few of the best remodeling trends for 2019.

Focus on a single inspiration

More than a third of homeowners have regrets for not spending more on their renovation projects. These people are more likely to have had many inspirations for their project. They may have used television, social media and magazines to get a few ideas, too.

That is why it is best to carefully plan your actions to ensure that it will get appropriately executed. Stick to a single idea so that everything will be cohesive once the project is complete. If you are planning to install a jetted tub in your home in Salt Lake City, for example, then make sure that everything else in your bathroom fits in terms of aesthetics and style.

Use multifunctional spaces

Many homeowners now tend to focus more on functionality rather than design. They are embracing convertible spaces that they can use for other functions easily.

Having foldable walls is an excellent way to convert a space from a private room to a party area. Another design idea that is hitting the market is the use of Murphy beds. You can easily pull down these types of mattresses to use as extra beds.

Build a personal laundry room

laundry room

Another remodeling project that you can consider is having a room made especially for doing laundry. You can convert an extra bedroom in your house into a dedicated laundry room. However, ensure that it has enough space to house both your washer and dryer. You also need to have space for your washables and boxes of detergent, too.

When converting your space into a laundry area, check if you already have existing plumbing hookups. Also, check if it is adjacent to rooms that have access to running water so that you can save on plumbing costs.

Utilize an energy-efficient design

Everyone is using more energy than we used to a couple of years ago. Now, all people have more gadgets in front of them than ever before.

But because of the increasing awareness of climate change, a growing number of people are looking for ways to save energy. One way to do it is by using tracking devices to monitor your electric usage on various electronic devices.

Homeowners and renters are becoming more aware of their actions and how it affects the environment. With limited living space to work on in cities, it is only practical to use the available space that you have to its full potential. Getting smart with your remodeling choices will not only update your area but will also help you save money.

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