Food to Eat for Healthier Teeth

Everyone wants to have beautiful white teeth. They give us stunning smiles and help us look our best every day. But our teeth play vital roles in our overall health. They’re not only for aesthetic purposes but also perform essential functions.

Strong teeth help us chew the food we eat and enable us to speak clearly. They grip and break down food to aid our digestion. That’s why it’s essential to watch over our oral health.

Our daily routines involve taking care of our teeth. We brush after every meal, gargle mouth wash at night, and floss occasionally. Now and then, we go see our dentists in Taylorsville, Utah, for regular checkups and cleaning. These are all good for dental hygiene.

But the food we eat also affects our oral health. Some types of food are bad and result in cavities. Others, however, are good for the teeth. Here is some food that you should eat for healthier teeth:


As children, our parents always told us to avoid sweets, or else our teeth will rot. That’s true. Sugar causes bacteria to stick to the teeth. When this bacteria accumulates, they produce plaque.

But raisins don’t contain sucrose, which is the component in sugar that is responsible for causing plaque. Naturally sweet raisins are rich in phytochemicals. These help kill bacteria in the mouth and prevent cavities.

Calcium-rich Food

rustic dairy products still life with birch and cloverCalcium is a nutrient that helps strengthen the bones. They also improve the health of the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is the outer layer of the teeth. They are considered as the hardest mineral in the entire body. They’re effective guards against tooth decay.

Calcium-rich food strengthens the tooth enamel by depositing minerals into the teeth.


Drinking milk has many known health benefits. It contains a lot of nutrients like calcium, which promotes strong bones and teeth, protein that sources energy, and vitamins that strengthen our cells, immune system, etc.

Milk neutralizes the plaque build-up on teeth caused by bacteria. This, in turn, prevents cavities and gum disease.

Fiber-rich Food

Fiber is a strong health-promoting nutrient. It helps with balancing weight and decreasing risks of sicknesses like diabetes and heart disease.

When it comes to oral health, fiber-rich food helps produce more saliva. Saliva is an important element that reduces acid and enzymes in teeth. Our saliva contains natural nutrients like calcium and phosphate. These help restore minerals and strengthen the tooth enamel.


Surprised to see chocolate on the list? Well, you read that, right! Dark chocolate, in particular, is a superfood. It contains a compound called CBH, or cocoa bean husk, which strengthens the tooth enamel.

But be careful with the type of chocolate you eat! Not all of them are good for you. Dark chocolate is a better option, and make sure it’s rich in cocoa.


Black and Green tea are rich in polyphenols. These are components that kill bacteria on teeth. Polyphenol decreases the production of acids caused by bacteria and thereby protects the tooth enamel.

Be careful with the food you eat. Many of what we consume daily have detrimental effects on our oral health. Food like candies, soda, and junk food, as we know, are bad for us. They don’t contain nutrients that are helpful to our bodies. Not only that, but they also destroy our teeth.

Choose the right food to eat and help your body take care of your oral health.

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