Exploring the Wild: Embrace the Charm of the Wilderness

“Adventure is out there!”

Such an iconic line from an also iconic movie. Life has much to offer and it’s better to take advantage of its mysteries.

It’s never late to use your time to try out the different things in life. Try that new restaurant down the street. Buy that new car that you have always been dreaming about. Travel to a country that you always wanted to go to.

One particular activity many of us never get to do is to explore the wilderness. We are all too accustomed to the world we know. We barely go out of our comfort zones. And you are missing out because of it.

If you are interested in breaking out of your own comfort zone, then it’s time to go wild with the wilderness.

Go Out and Hike

Contrary to popular belief, the wilderness isn’t always harsh. You can still explore nature on your own without worrying about the danger. This where hiking is a good idea.

Hiking is a great way for beginners to test their luck and strength in the wild. Most hiking trails have guides, and if it is your first time, you should definitely hire one. They will help you go around the trail, offer first aid when necessary, and even provide information about the trail that you are on.

As long as you are physically fit, you can easily head on over to your nearest mountain trail and start hiking. Just make sure that you wear the proper attire for it. You would not want to hike wearing heels or flip-flops.

But in the event that you are unable to continue, check if your area in Salt Lake City has some ATVs for rent. This way, you still get to admire the scenery without tiring yourself too much.

Camp Out with Friends

Tents set up in the forest

Camping is quite similar to hiking – but with the added bonus of you having to sleep to the area you hiked on. This may be harder for most people who cannot spend the night or two on an area without the facilities and features they are accustomed to. That means no air-conditioning or heaters, no walls to keep bugs out, and no proper plumbing for when you need to relieve yourself.

If you are up for the challenge, then you can make your way up from hiking. But before you decide to sit or lie down on the grass, you will still need a few things for your camping trip.

Things like a tent, a portable gas tank for cooking food, the food itself, freshwater, and some blankets are only a few things that you should bring. Don’t forget to make a checklist of things to bring before you decide to camp out for the night.

After you have mastered the trails and stayed in the wilderness for quite some time, you can try more extreme areas to climb and hike or more remote areas to live in (with a guide, of course!) to test your survival skills.

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