Strategies for successful dental websites

Dental websites help attract new patients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including when your practice is closed. It is important that your website showcases your dental practice to its maximum potential, so you need to speak to a multi-award-winning website design team to help create a modern and bespoke website for you. Dental websites are the key to successful dental marketing. Dental websites help educate the public on the importance of good dental health and the treatments and procedures that are available to improve oral wellbeing and improve the appearance of their teeth. Many patients suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia and browsing through dental websites that are encouraging and welcoming may be able to help combat their fears. As dental anxiety is so common, good dental websites should have a separate section for nervous patients addressing them directly and informing them of the different techniques that can now be used to help make dental treatments as comfortable as possible.



Your dental website needs to be simple and easy to navigate whilst attractive and exciting at the same time. It needs to provide every visitor with a great user experience so that they are encouraged to revisit and find out more about you. The longer that visitors spend exploring the content of your website, the more chance there is of converting that visitor into a patient at your practice. This is a type of conversion rate optimisation or CRO. CRO is a system of techniques and strategies which help increase the percentage of website traffic that is converted into real patients at your practice. Other techniques for CRO include good website design. The more pleasingly designed aesthetically your website is, the more website visitors you are likely to attract.


The content of your website is also very important. Relevant and engaging content that emphasises the importance of the treatments and procedures that you have to offer can make the difference between visitors staying on your website and booking an appointment, or thinking that they can address their dental needs at a later date. Call to actions or CTAs are also very important for CRO. CTAs on dental websites include a call button, subscribing to a newsletter or emails, booking a free consultation, booking an online appointment or uploading a smiling selfie. CTAs can encourage patients to contact you whilst they are reading about the treatments and procedures that you have to offer, giving you the chance to provide further encouragement, nurture a good relationship and encourage them to visit you in person very soon.


It is also important that your website is optimised for Google so that it is easy to find when patients are searching for their dental needs. This is known as search engine optimisation or SEO and without it your modern, attractive and educational website may as well be non-existent. SEO helps your website have a top position in the search results list, so that prospective patients are directed to you and are not directed to the other dental practices nearby. Speak to your digital marketing team today and find out more about maintaining a successful dental website and the different marketing techniques that are necessary to do this.

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