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Everybody wants to look their best. It is important not only for a person’s self-esteem and how they regard their self-worth, but it impacts on how people treat each other, which is why it is important that individuals should put some time and effort into their appearance.

It is attractive to look healthy and an individual’s teeth and gums can say a lot about a person’s overall health. So by ensuring that their smile is looking as great as it can, individuals are investing in their mental and physical health and well-being.

There are several procedures that are available to a patient that fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill. By determining what they are seeking as a final result, patients are able to discuss with their dentist the many options that are available to them.

By exploring a generalised overview of the choices that people can have when it comes to perfecting their smile and making it uniquely theirs, they can begin to understand what they need to consider before approaching a professional.

What are some cosmetic treatments that can perfect the appearance of an individual’s teeth?

Porcelain veneers are frequently used these days to cover up multiple complaints that a patient may suffer with. Such cosmetic concerns as chipped, broken or cracked teeth, discoloured teeth or gapped and slightly crooked smiles can quickly be corrected using this procedure.

It is extremely fast as well, taking only a few appointments from consultation to completion to achieve and will last upwards of 10 years when cared for correctly.

If a patient does not want to endure lengthy or complex restorations to achieve the look they want, then perhaps porcelain veneers are an option that they may find just right for them.

Are there any pitfalls to this treatment?

dental procedure

People need to be made aware not only of the advantages of each treatment available, but also of the potential disadvantages as well. Understanding that veneers are a lifelong commitment can be overlooked by some and needs to be recognised.

Once veneers are applied, a patient will need to replace them once they are worn or chipped just like they would a crown, in order to protect the vitality of that tooth.

Because the expense of each veneer is quite high currently, this is a commitment that needs to be thoughtfully considered.

Are there any alternatives to creating that perfect smile?

Yes, there are several.

If it is the shape of teeth that is a concern, perhaps gum contouring can provide the patient with less gum, more teeth and a more even shape to their smile. Crooked and gapped teeth can be corrected permanently using teeth straightening devices, which have the additional benefit of improving one’s oral health as well.

For instantaneous results, teeth whitening can be performed professionally in practice or in the comfort of an individual’s own home. With a prior consultation dentists can ensure results, as they are able to determine the precise kind of staining that has occurred, which gives them more confidence in the effectiveness of their products.

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