Biggest Turnoffs for Home Buyers

If you’re selling your home, one of the essential steps is to understand a buyer’s psychology. While buyers have different lists of what they want in a house, there are common things that turn them off. Aside from bugs, dirt, clutter, and nasty smell, here are other things that drive away potential buyers:

1. Your agent

Real estate agents in Putney can help sellers get the most of their money for their property and close a home sale faster. However, agents that are unprofessional and too pushy can scare off a lot of your prospective buyers. Buying a residential property is a significant financial decision, and people want to deal with someone they can trust. They don’t want to negotiate with an agent who often arrives late during appointments and shows up in flip flops.

Buyers also tend to avoid extremely aggressive realtors who push them to make an offer and pester them with messages and calls. Make sure to get the right agent in your corner if you don’t want to push buyers away from your home.

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2. Your presence during showings

Most buyers feel uncomfortable when owners are lurking inside the home during showings. They expect you to be out of the property so that their house tour can be relaxing and informative. Homebuyers want to walk around the house in private, peek into cupboards, check closets and look closely at fixtures. But they’ll feel awkward or a little constrained about what they can do or say when you’re around. They wouldn’t feel free to critique the house and discuss their concerns for fear of coming off rude or impolite.

Your presence is an added pressure that hinders them from coming to a more natural decision. When you want to sell your home, making your potential buyers feel uncomfortable is the last thing you’d like to do. You want them to stay longer in your property and be able to visualize their life once they moved to your home. Let your agent do his job and leave your residence each time you have a scheduled showing.

3. Overpriced listing

Your home can be your most precious possession, but you’ll not be the one to determine it’s worth. You have to list your home for the price the market will bear. You might have made a lot of home improvements over the years, but they might not translate to an increase in value. When you try to set the price too high, you can shoo away the right buyers before getting the chance to show them your property.

Buyers will avoid a listing that is pricier than the other properties in the surrounding area. While you can always drop the price later, it might be too late. Many buyers are not interested in a listing that has lingered in the market for too long.

Home buyers dislike overpriced homes, unprofessional real estate agents, and clingy sellers. Make sure to fix these home-selling issues if you want potential buyers to come flocking at your door.

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