A Simply Beautiful Life: 10 Ways to Start Living a Simpler Lifestyle

If you are one of those people who are considering living the simple life, here are some things you can do that will keep you in the modern world but still make life a lot less complicated.

Live Life Simply

1. Consider moving to the countryside.

Perhaps the best thing to do to get a clean slate at starting simple is moving to the countryside. Nothing screams simple than living on the farm with crops and livestock and bale feeders in NZ. There are plenty of great places in NZ that you can consider moving to for a simpler yet beautiful lifestyle.

2. Get a basic mobile phone.

While a mobile phone is still a product of technology, the demise of payphones makes them a necessity for communications. At the very least, get the most basic cellular phone you can find that will allow you to call and message people.

3. Do away with your credit cards.

Learn how to go about life without the complications that credit cards bring. Paying in cash helps managing finances a lot easier. You no longer have to worry about interest rates, late fees, and hidden charges.

4. Declutter at home.

Going minimalist at home is a great way to simplify your life. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful for you and streamline your possessions to only those that are functional. You may keep a few sentimental items if you truly can’t let them go but keep it to a minimum.

5. Disconnect and unplug from electronics after dinner.

Disconnecting from social media and unplugging from the world wide web do not only have health benefits, but they also help keep your life a lot less toxic and complicated. Instead of connecting online, connect with people and start spending more time with them.

6. Clean as you go.

Whether you’re working on a project or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, clean as you go. This helps you stay productive and on point. You minimize the amount of clutter lying around the house if you tidy up immediately after each task.

7. Stock at home.

Stocking on groceries and goods at home saves you plenty of time and money. Imagine how much money, time, and energy are wasted with weekly trips to the supermarket? Cut down on all the wasted resources by doing your groceries and shopping in one pass each month.

8. Plan your meals.

In connection to number 7, planning your meals per month will help you identify which items to pick up whenever you go grocery shopping. It also saves you from the headache of figuring out what to cook every day.

9. Walk going to places.

Leave your car and bike behind. If your daily route does not involve long distances, start walking to and from work or school. It saves you tons of fuel money and gives you enough exercise to keep your heart pumping.

10. Take time to play.

Family playing in the field

If you have children, take the time every day to play a game or two or just have fun with them and their toys. Go to the park or playground and enjoy a game of tag or hide-and-seek. Learn to look at life through the eyes of a child and rediscover the simple joys of life.

Living a simple life does not necessarily mean leaving the modern world behind. It just means that you need to tweak your mindset and get a fresh perspective in and of life.

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