A Green Thumb’s Guide to Starting a Garden

In our history, we’ve always been connected to nature. Before we built bridges, roads, and buildings, we lived like we were one with nature. The sad truth is that we seem to have drifted off from our early ways because of the progress we’ve been making in the past hundred years.

We’re not necessarily saying that progress is a bad thing, but the stress brought about by our day jobs, combined with a lack of the calming presence only nature can offer, we can’t help but wonder how different our lives would be if both of these things co-exist.

The good news is we don’t have to just wonder forever about the answer to that. You can try that out for yourself. You can function at your best in your work and go home to a place where you feel relaxed and calm. Once you do, we’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you tried that idea.

If you’re wondering what we are talking about, it’s pretty simple. Let’s just say you can have your slice of nature at home. That fact is made possible by one solution, a garden.

Choosing a Garden Type

One of the many great things about building your garden is that it can be as personalized and unique as you want it to. You can add features that you want, and you can choose what kind of plants to put in it. Speaking of which, here are some of the most common garden types you can build.

1. Flower Garden

The first type of garden we’ll discuss is the flower garden. Obviously, it’s the one where you grow flowers, but this type of garden is divided into different varieties, depending on what type of flowers you want. The basic principles of gardening remain the same, though.

2. Woodland Garden

Those that look like they’re straight out of a Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movie are called woodland gardens. These are more concerned with looking nature-like and have a sense of informality. It’s filled with pathways, thinned-down trees and can give a meditational, fantasy-like aura.

3. Herb and Vegetable Garden

Perhaps the most common among all the garden types is the herb and vegetable garden. In medieval times, it has become necessary to build gardens because of the lack of modern medicine. That said, this botanical garden consists of medicinal herbs and even vegetables that are not only decorative but also grow goods for cooking and medicinal purposes. But if you’re not quite familiar with alternative medicine, it will be best to consult an herbalist to guarantee that the plants you will use are safe.

gate of mansion with plant box

How to Start Your Own Garden

Starting your garden may seem a little overwhelming, but nothing is impossible with the right planning. Whatever type of garden it is that you choose to cultivate, the reward comes in a hundredfold. Here’s how you can start your garden:

1. Choose a Type and Spot

The first thing you have to figure out is the type of garden that you want. That shouldn’t be a problem since we’ve mentioned earlier the different types you can choose from.

Once you’ve done that, pick a spot in your yard. When doing so, consider what type of plant you’ll be having because some plants need full sunlight while others grow in the shade.

2. Ground Work

The next thing you need to do is to do some groundwork, quite literally. Wherever you prefer to plant, make sure that you get rid of the sod covering the area of where you plan on planting.

Ensure that the soil is fertile for the best results. You can do that by digging or tilling the ground to ensure that the roots can penetrate it to have access to water.

3. Choose the Plants

Choosing your plants is a matter of personal preference. You can either go online or look in magazines or catalogs to learn more about certain herbs or flowers, and you can also head to your local garden stores and ask them about it.

Once you’ve done that, begin planting them in your garden. You must know more about your plants because some plants have their growing season. Make sure to keep that in mind.

4. Keep It Healthy

Lastly, starting a garden needs commitment. You have to make sure that it’s healthy by watering it at the right time, protecting it from pests, and doing all the gardening-related chores.

For an outsider, gardening seems like it will take too much of your time and that it’s boring. If you’re part of the world of gardening, though, you’ll know that those things aren’t something to think about because the rewards you get from gardening are incredibly beneficial to your home and yourself.

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