Childproofing Oversights: 5 Things to Consider to Ensure Safety at Home

You may already have the basic ideas when it comes to childproofing your home. However, there are steps that you tend to miss. Your main goal is to prevent household accidents and injuries. However, even the smallest details can put your child’s life in danger.

Childproofing your home is no easy task. From planning to execution, it can be tedious. Tips on childproofing your home are abundant online, but there are things that you might overlook. Check out some of these below and see if your home is truly safe for your child.


Your pets are as lovely as your baby, but it takes time for them to get used to being around your child. This is why they may act a little strange when they see the new member of the family. You know how dogs react to strangers. You do not want your kid to suffer from your pet’s violent attack. Animal bites are a prevalent occurrence in the country. What is more worrying is the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the agency, there are about 4.7 million dog bites annually in the U.S. while the Humane Society approximates that 51% of dog bite victims are children. Aside from vaccinating your pets against rabies, keep them away from your child as much as possible. There are times when your kid can’t resist playing with your pets. You can keep your child guarded by creating an enclosed area for your pets. Your child’s safety lies in the things you actually have control over.


Small things can cause a large amount of damage. Your child’s skin is very sensitive. That’s why insect bites should not be ignored. Make it a point that essential coverings in windows are in place. For this, mesh guards will come in handy. These protective nets are not just perfect for covering railings but also for repelling insects. Mosquito bites are barely tolerable for adults. How worse can it be for children with delicate skin? Not to mention, some bug bites are threatening, too. As a parent, you do not want your child to experience any discomfort.



Slippery floors are the most common cause of fall accidents. Most of the time, you have to carry your kid. That’s why it is vital that the floor won’t cause any harm to anyone. You can opt for anti-slip mats for your bathroom. They are a durable and inexpensive way to protect your child while you are bathing them. If you have a big budget, check your options with floor coating manufacturers. An epoxy garage floor will be a perfect childproofing choice. You can also buy adhesive anti-slip strips for your staircase. There are transparent ones that won’t affect your home interior design. Protect your child by protecting yourself from the danger of slippery floors.


You can find a ton of advice about covering your outlets, but what people usually forget is unplugging their appliances. Your kid can climb the kitchen counter and try to touch a plug out of curiosity. An unplugged fan can cause injury to your curious child, too. It is easy for them to stick their fingers into the fan, and it will cause severe injury if the fan is spinning fast. You have also seen the danger of hairdryers being left plugged in on the bathroom counter. Everybody knows the electrical safety standards. Unplugging electronics that are not in use is the most basic one actually. It can be overlooked, but you should develop it into a habit if you have small kids.


Drowning incidents are not limited to swimming pools and resorts. The toilet bowl does not seem to pose any hazard if covered, but that does not mean your child won’t be able to open it. It takes less than two inches of water for children to drown. This means that your child may suffer from drowning if they fall headfirst into the toilet bowl. This can also happen in bathtubs. Cover all potential drowning hazards for your kids. In addition, guide them when they are using the toilet bowl and tub to maintain safety. Do these safeguards until your child is mature enough to protect themselves from danger.

Children are susceptible to household injuries. They can even become more prone to danger as they become toddlers. What matters most is the effort that you put into ensuring their safety while they are young. Being a parent is a commitment, and your child’s welfare is in your hands.

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