Why It’s Important to Have a Handyman on Speed Dial

A handyman’s phone number is the last thing you think you need to memorize. It’s easy to memorize your partner’s and family’s numbers. Those are the numbers you call every day. But a handyman? Not likely, isn’t it? That’s why among your emergency numbers on speed dial, it makes sense to have a handyman’s contact number in there, too. You know that those emergency numbers you post on your refrigerator? Add your handyman’s number there, too. You never know when a leaky faucet needs to be checked.

Even if you know your way around the house and with the help of plasterboard tools and other equipment, you need a professionally trained handyman to inspect your house for structural damage. You may able to tighten a leaky faucet, but what will you do if there’s a crack in the pipes? What will happen if the electricity suddenly dies? What about if there’s a leak from your gas line? These are the things that your basic know-how wouldn’t be able to manage. It’s also dangerous to tinker with electricity and gas lines if you have little knowledge about how they work.


A go-to handyman will give you peace of mind during situations in your house that will leave you feeling helpless. They know a little bit about everything—from plumbing, sewage, electricity, gas lines, furniture, to appliances. Their numbers are the first ones you should call when you need someone to look into your electrical wires, for example.

It takes time for the electric company’s engineers and technicians to get to your house. A handyman is a local person who’s going to be available to check your problems. You can trust that the handyman has the general skills needed to diagnose what’s wrong with your electrical wires.



If it’s an emergency, such as a power outage or plumbing leaks, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Experts such as engineers won’t be readily available to look into your problems. A handyman, who’s based local, can swoop in and prevent further damage to your house. While they may not be working for a big company or don’t have the kind of training that an engineer receives, a handyman depends on experiences when dealing with various house problems.


A handyman’s services are more affordable than an engineer’s. There is no big difference in how they approach a job. And if you’ve been hiring this handyman for years now, you know you can get a reasonable quote from them. There’s a sense of trust and a degree of comfort that come from having seen their work before and knowing they’ll do an excellent job with this new problem.


Imagine: all you have to do is to call the handyman, and they will be right there at your front door? That’s how convenient it is to work with a handyman. That’s not the process that most contractors follow. With them, there’s a schedule that has to be maintained. You’ll probably be asked to fill out forms, get asked about home insurance, and many more mundane things. All you want is to get your house fixed. A handyman gets that and provides straight-to-the-point quotes and solutions.

Don’t have a handyman on speed dial yet? Ask your friends and neighbors if they know anyone. Check your local listing for a handyman in the area. Call to check on the future services you might need, and then put that number on speed dial.

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