Commercial Cardboard Compactor: Why Does Your Business Need One?

A commercial cardboard compactor is an advanced innovation that compresses bulks of recyclable cardboard and paper materials. It reduces the weight of waste materials by approximately 80 percent, which makes it a very efficient waste management solution for many businesses across New Zealand.

Here are the top five reasons why more and more businesses are choosing to invest in a commercial cardboard compactor:

Saves valuable space for a cleaner workplace.

Compressing your cardboards makes way for easier disposal, whereas, un-compacted papers can take up valuable space that could instead be used for other important materials or business equipment. The process reduces clutter in the workplace and gives you a cleaner space for your employees and equipment. Commercial cardboard compactors also come in varying sizes that conveniently fit in any dedicated area. Generally, the machine is easy to maneuver when it comes to the collection, drop off, or repositioning.

Compactors are cost-efficient.

Since the collection is not as often as with regular bins, the expense incurred is significantly reduced because you don’t have to pay for any fees related to waste removal. Aside from the cost-benefit, the length of time your employees spend handling waste will also be reduced, which then results in higher productivity.

It boosts your company’s recycling efforts.

Most companies today are expected to go green. And so, as you manage your company’s trash more effectively, you will reap the benefits of your environmental efforts. Your employees will notice, and more customers will likely be drawn to your business.  It will affect your choice in catering for and supporting the use of recyclable materials, which will ultimately make the recycling process easier for you.

It helps you avoid issues with external dumpsters.

Outside dumpsters can come with many problems when it comes to employee safety, staff pilferage, or mismanagement of the dumpster by passers-by. Having a cardboard compactor will help you manage waste in a controlled environment.

It is a long-term solution to waste management.

Cardboard waste management

These compactors are also durable and extremely sturdy. They are suitable for a wide variety of businesses, including industrial sites and retail establishments that generate a lot of paper-type wastes such as cardboard boxes when delivering and receiving supplies. Compactors aim to meet sustainability by ensuring that efficient recycling practices are observed. Overall, it encourages businesses to implement resource recovery processes, after the collection and handling of waste materials.

Insider tip:

Compressed cardboards can be converted to money. Commercial cardboard compactors can, in fact, turn in a sizeable profit. Compressed cardboards may be sold at a valuable price. Although the price is different depending on your location and the demand, one thing is certain — you can find money in waste.

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of their production processes while increasing their profits. Not only does a commercial cardboard compactor make the paper waste disposal safe, efficient, and environment-friendly, the financial and operational benefits are impossible to resist. But make sure that you find a reputable supplier to ensure that you get a long-lasting, efficient, and reliable equipment.

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