Ways to Care for Your Newly Rebonded Hair

Not all people are blessed with naturally straight hair. On the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with having wavy or curly hair. It’s just a matter of how you bring yourself out there to the public, regardless of your hair type. Still, it is best to visit a hair salon in Orem now and then for regular hair treatments.

One of the most popular hair treatments out there is permanent hair rebonding. Basically, it transforms your wavy or curly hair into straighter and shinier hair. Hair rebonding helps in making your hair more manageable so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the mirror taming it.

The rebonding process involves the use of chemicals that changes your hair’s structure and make it straighter. A hair iron is then used to lock in and seal the chemical on your hair. After four to six hours, you will have straighter and frizz-free hair.

Hair rebonding after-care tips

Rebonded hair usually lasts up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, your hair might curl up faster and look messy and unpleasant to look at. That is why it is essential to have a post-treatment for your rebonded hair. Here are some tips for caring for your hair after getting a rebond:

1. Follow your hairdresser’s advice about hair washing

Usually, hair experts will tell you not to wash your hair for about three days after getting a rebond. No matter what happens, make sure not to wet your hair until after three days. Otherwise, it can leave you with subpar results after a few months.

2. Resist tying and tucking your hair

Having these hair habits can leave your hair with awkward creases. As much as possible, let your hair down for better results.

3. Do not use heat-styling products on your rebonded hair

Why do it if your hair is already styled that way in the first place? Using a hair iron on your rebonded hair is a big no-no if you want to make it last for longer. If you have to use a blow dryer, use the cool setting only.

woman with her hair being blown by the wind

4. Shower with cold water

Showering using cold water helps retain hair moisture and prevent further damage. It will also improve your hair’s shine and overall health. If you are not used to using cold water to shower, you can opt for lukewarm water instead.

5. Be gentle when combing your hair

Better yet, use a wide-toothed comb when fixing hair knots and tangles. Experts recommend using a wood comb rather than plastic as the latter can cause static that can potentially damage the hair.

6. Delay hair color and trim your hair regularly

Do not color your hair within six months of rebonding your hair. The more chemicals you put on your hair, the higher the risk of hair damage. Also, make sure to have regular trims about every six to eight weeks.

These are some essential things to remember when you are planning to rebond your hair. It is a significant decision you should think because most likely, you need to come back for touch-ups to maintain your rebonded hair.

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