Best Tips for Younger-Looking Hands

Considering all the hard work that your hands do for you, it’s no surprise that they’re one of the areas that show early signs of aging. You probably have a solid skincare routine for your face, but do you have one for your hands? If not, below are some tips for proper hand care to make your hands look as young as your face.

Ragged Cuticles and Nails

The job of your cuticles is vital since they help in sealing your nails and keeping fungus and bacteria out. So when doing your own manicure, refrain from pushing them back aggressively and don’t cut them because you’ll thicken them, which can lead to cracking. This, in turn, would allow infection to sneak under your skin.

You should also moisturize your cuticles to prevent breaking, brittleness, hangnails and chipping. Try the Multiuse Cream from Kedma Skincare. This non-greasy, paraben-free multiuse cream protects your nails, cuticles and hands from dryness and cracking through nourishment from Dead Sea minerals, vitamin E and aloe vera extract. You can even use this multiuse cream on your face.

To keep your nails in tiptop shape, consume antioxidant-rich foods, and those rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And to ensure that your hands look younger and feel clean, cut your nails short and apply nude nail polish.


Even if you’re not really a sunbather or don’t spend a lot of time under the sun, sunspots, also known as age spots, are usually an indication of the accumulated time you’ve spent under the sun unprotected. If your spots are just beginning to show, try lightening products with licorice and vitamin C.

But if they’re older and more pronounced, opt for more potent ingredients such as retinol or tretinoin. You can also consult your dermatologist for removal options such as chemical peels or laser therapy. To prevent more sunspots from developing, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Veiny Hands

Veins in your hands naturally become more prominent as your skin begins to thin due to aging. One way to get rid of these veins is through injectable fillers that could bring back the plumpness of your hands, improving their overall look. You can opt to undergo sclerotherapy, which involves injecting the veins to make them collapse and look less pronounced.

Dry and Flaky Skin

Woman with young looking hand

Parched and flaky skin is an obvious sign of aging so always keep your hands properly moisturized. Opt for creams with antioxidants such as green tea and vitamin C or those that contain retinol. These ingredients will help promote collagen synthesis and even skin tone to give your hands that more youthful and smooth appearance.

Likewise, get in the habit of wearing gloves when you do your chores to safeguard your hands from irritation that could, in turn, cause contact dermatitis, severe flaking and dryness, and redness.

Overall, the proper combination of hand treatments would be dependent on your specific goals and needs. You need to find the right ones that will get the job done and be consistent with your hand care routine.

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