Cosmetic changes that influence smile makeovers

Nearly three quarters – 71 per cent – of the adult populace in Britain would rather hide their smiles and a third of these admit it is because of unhappiness about the colour of their teeth. To give teeth a more pleasing brighter shade, dental practitioners offer cosmetic teeth-enhancing treatments like veneers in Birmingham to make smiles more attractive.

Veneers are wafer-thin coatings or caps that are bonded onto teeth with a special adhesive to improve their appearance and to make them look more visually attractive. Different dental practitioners offer dental caps made of different types of material, with porcelain and composite materials being the most common. These caps are custom made by a dental technician to match the exact shape and size of the tooth or teeth that need enhancing.

Some patients may find that the dental practitioner needs to prepare the tooth or teeth that need to be capped. This process involves removing some of the enamel to allow for better bonding of cap to the tooth’s surface.  If a patient wishes, a local anaesthetic can be used before the tooth preparation process. The dental practitioner’s experience in this treatment is essential to ensure the patient receives the desired outcome that they want.

In their cosmetic enhancing role, veneers work in the same way as false fingernails do to make the hand look more attractive. They do more than just enhance the look of teeth; they can also be beneficial in playing a protective role. Seeing that they are custom-made, they are an ideal solution to addressing the specific needs of the patient.

Factors that detract from a winning smile

There are a few reasons for people being displeased with their smiles. They may find that their teeth are uneven, that there are gaps between their teeth, their teeth may be chipped or that teeth have become stained and lost their brightness.

Dental caps offer four main functions:

  • Improve colour of teeth
  • Correct teeth positioning for minor alignment issues
  • Fix cosmetic issues like chipped teeth
  • Improve shape of teeth

Reasons why patients opt for veneer treatments

woman with bright smile

  1. Natural looking results

Unlike other types of dental tools and even though they are made from artificial materials, dental caps resemble healthy looking teeth in a very natural looking way. It can be very difficult for a non-professional to tell the difference between veneers and natural teeth.

  1. Relatively quick dramatic transformation

Smiles can be transformed within a comparatively quick time frame.

  1. Minimal preparation

There is very little preparation needed for a patient to receive veneers. It may be that a dental practitioner may find that there is no need to prepare the tooth or teeth.

  1. Makes teeth stronger

The caps may be wafer-thin but they are durable and strong and can serve a long time as long as they are properly maintained. They can serve to protect the enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity in addition to their cosmetic value.

Patients looking into cosmetic dentistry treatments should not discount the experience and training of the dental practitioner in such types of procedures. You need to find a practice which provides high quality dental care and treatments that allow patients to enjoy optimal dental health.

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