Bountiful Living in Bountiful, Utah: Why it’s a Great Place to Live In

With an area of 13.5 square miles, Bountiful is known for its breathtaking scenery, peaceful neighborhoods, and affordable cost of living. It is one of the top 20 most populous cities in Utah, belonging to one of the best school districts in the country. This suburb located in the valley provides safety and comfort to its residents who love the different fun things to do and places to see in the city.

We have listed several cases for this lovely place that will make you want to call real estate agents, kitchen remodelers, and bathroom contractors in Bountiful to start preparing for your move.

Why You Living in Bountiful UT is Awesome

Bountiful is the second settlement in Utah.

The name Bountiful was taken off the pages of The Book of Mormon. It also suits the place as there is such a bounty of great and amazing things in it. The place was called Sessions Settlement, named after Perrigrine Sessions who founded the city 12 miles north of Salt Lake City in 1847. It was then changed to Bountiful in the mid-1850s for its lush gardens and surroundings.

The people.

Throughout the years since it was founded, the population of Bountiful has been continually on the rise. At present, there are 44,100 residents with 80% of them being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The city is ideal for families, young couples, singles, and retirees to call home since it is safe and peaceful.

Fun activities and places to enjoy.

Bountiful is a haven for the outdoorsy types of people. You can go biking, hiking, trekking, and sightseeing in any of the many parks and trails in the city like Creekside Park. There is also plenty of good food to eat in Bountiful found in local restaurants and diners.

Friendly and safe neighborhoods.

going out for lunch

This safe and friendly city boasts of sights and sounds that you will enjoy whether as a transient or a resident. It ranks as the 23rd safest city in the entire state of Utah with a city violent crime rate of only 1.06 per 1,000 incidents.

Lower cost of living compared to other Utah cities.

The cost of living in Bountiful is relatively cheaper compared to other places in Utah. Based on the U.S. average index of 100 (anything below means its cheaper), Bountiful averaged less than the amount in groceries (95.1), utilities (92.6), transportation (83.9), and other expenses (99.1).

Fun in the sun and snow.

The weather is great in Bountiful all year round. There’s plenty of fun things to do in the sun while there are a lot of great snow adventures in winter. For the bigger part of the year, the weather is generally warm and comfortable. The summer temperature rarely reaches the high 90s while the wintertime gets to the low 20s.

Moving to Bountiful will probably be one of the best decisions you will never regret. Great weather, awesome sights, lovely people. What a bountiful place, indeed.

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