5 Factors That Affect Property Value

The price of a house does not only depend on its size or aesthetic value. Different areas such as its location, neighbourhood, etc. all come into play in the fluctuation of prices real estate property.

When buying or selling a home, you have to be aware of these factors that can either cause your property value to rise or decline. This is to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth or making a fair deal in real estate transactions.
The best way to get the best value in buying or selling property is through getting the help of estate agents in Chigwell. But it would also be ideal for you to be aware of these certain practicalities. Here are the factors that can affect property value.


Probably the most obvious factor affecting the property price is its location. People want to live close to their workplaces, schools, malls, and other establishments essential to support their daily needs. That’s why houses in cities are likely to cost more than those in the suburbs.

The reputation and stability of the city can also affect the value of its properties. More developed locations will have more expensive properties compared to the least developed ones. Further, the crime rate, safety, employment statistics, and other data are also relevant in distinguishing the value of land and real estate in a particular location.

Supply and demand


There are certain periods throughout the year when people are likely to purchase houses, flats, or condominiums. At these durations, the demand for property increases. Depending on the location, this high demand can cause prices to ramp up.

If there are only a few houses in the area available for purchase or lease, the prices can go up as it has a direct correlation with the high demand.


The relationship between the real estate market and the economy are not distant at all. If the country experiences a strong and growing economy, then more people can be able to afford to buy real estate. This causes property values to increase as well, helping boost economic growth and expansion.

Size and amenities

Everyone knows that the bigger the house, the more expensive it likely is. Studio condominiums are cheaper than those with one or two bedrooms. Houses with three floors turn out to be more costly than those with only one floor.

Further, the amenities of a house will also contribute to its price. So if you’re choosing to buy a house, you need to consider what amenities you need or want. This will help you determine the potential value of the property you’re looking at. And if you’re planning to sell your house, listing down the amenities will help you give it the best price considering all the facilities it comes with.


The relationship between the type of home and the demographics of the people living in the area are intact. For example, in neighbourhoods that are occupied by couples with children, houses with multiple bedrooms and facilities would be in demand.

On the other hand, in central business districts, you’ll likely have single, young professionals occupying the houses around the area. So what would be in demand are small condominiums, lofts, and flats.

These, and a lot more, come into play in terms of determining the value of a property. That’s why you need a realtor to help you get the best price and deals.

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