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Broken Biscuit Cake        A traditional Scottish recipe easily made by kids  -- just remember biscuits = cookies in

Chocolate Pretzels          A twist on this one and SO easy!
The Haggis is the national dish of Scotland and is called the King of the
Puddings. But it isn't like any pudding you've had in America! It is made with
the left over parts of meat that somehow don't taste too good in any other
dish! Throw in some oatmeal and spices, stuff it in a sheep's stomach then
boil it and you've got something that you will think is really tasty or really
gross! There isn't any in between on this one. Some say the haggis is an
endangered species-- but don't let them fool you! Only a Sasenach thinks
there is a haggis hunt!

Our haggis is a fun mascot anyway with a pipe chanter nose and four hands,
he must be able to play a mean hornpipe, and cook up even the most complex
recipe too! Here are a few recipes for you to try with your parents or bigger
brother or sister!
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