The Gordon surname is territorial from either the Scots Gael or Middle English
for 'great hill." The family are believed to have been of Anglo-Norman descent,
moving from the Borders (Berwickshire) to Aberdeenshire.

Gordon Distribution Maps 1850-1990

Distribution maps are a valuable tool in understanding the immigration, migration and population growth patterns
of a surname within the United States as recorded on the censuses. For instance you can see that in 1850 the
instance of the surname Gordon in North Carolina was only about 1 in every 10,000 people; by 1880 the
occurrence was approximately 1 in every 500 people. Thus we know that, most likely, there was a combination of
high birth rate among the Gordons in the state and migration/immigration of new families with the Gordon
surname. Virginia has maintained a fairly steady percentage of Gordons in her population with an occurrence
rate of approximately 1 in every 1,000 people living in the state being named Gordon! To get a true picture you
must also check out any spelling variations of the surname and factor in those population rates as well.

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The Gordons O' Girnoc             Tales of the Gordons of Girnoc... Abergeldie, and such
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                                                                           GORDON-FINLAYSON[2], GORDON-HALLYBURTON[1], GORDON-LENNOX[22],
                                                                           GORDON-MILLER[2], GORDON-MOORE[1],   
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Diary of Col. James Gordon                     Immigrated to Virginia 1738
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Armistead Churchill Gordon                     (1855-1931) Virginia
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Scottish Notes & Queries Second Series Vol 4, J. M. Bullock
The House of Gordon, J.M. Bullock

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