Adam, Macadam, Adams, Adamson, Addie, Adie, Addison, Aiken, Aitken, Atkins, Aitchison Atken, Atkin, Atkinson
are all variations of the Adam name, as are Adcocks, Ad(de)kin, Addess, Ad(d)ey, Addis, Addison, Ade, Ades,
Adeson, Adkins, Adnett, Adnitt, Adye, Atcock, Hadcock, Haddy, Hadkins, Ked(d)ie, Keddy, Kiddie, Kiddy,
McAd(d)ie, and McCad(d)ie. Confusing? Yes, but they all derive from the given name Adam and it's diminutive
and lineal forms. The Adam names within the Gordon Clan seem to derive from Adam de Gordon and his
relations. Many of these family names, such as Addie, are found first in the Berwickshire area and later in the
Aberdeenshire area as the Gordons moved into that area. There have been many famous members of the
House bearing these names, two of the most notable being the architect Robert Adam, and Robert Aitken who
published the 'Bible of the Revolution.'


ADAMS                                                                                       ADAMSON                                                                               

ADDISON                                                                                     ATCHISON

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