The Tod(d) surname was found in the Border area from early times, and moved into the Aberdeen/Grampion
area with the Gordons. The English family, Fox, is descended from the Todd family. Some of the first settlers of
this name or some of its variants were: Robert Todd settled in Virginia in 1622; George and Mary Todd settled in
Virginia in 1650; William Todd settled in Virginia in 1651. The Todd surname derives from the Scots Gael word
tod, which means fox and was often used to denote a person with red hair or with fox-like qualities such as quick
wit, cleverness, and wiliness, or a fox hunter. Our particular family story is that the first Tod(d) was a Gordon with
red hair and a wily nature good at tracking, but not being tracked. He was called the Tod, because he was sly
like a fox. We don't know if it is true, but it makes a good story.

Some of the most noted of the Todd family are the biochemist Alexander Robert Todd, Baron Todd who won the
Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1957; and the geometer, John Arthur Todd; Henry John Todd of Milton, the editor
Johnson's dictionary, who added several thousand words to the work; David Peck Todd noted American
astronomer and the first to photograph the transit of Venus; Robert Bentley Todd, a 19th Century physician who
is noted for his clinical, diagnostic and teaching advancements, and his work with what is now known as Todd's
palsy. There are many more contributions made by members of the Todd family in all walks of life!

Todd Distribution Maps 1850-1990

Todd Surname                                                                Tod Surname

Distribution maps are a valuable tool in understanding the immigration, migration and population growth patterns of a
surname within the United States as recorded on the censuses.

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The Todd Family in America (this is a great site esp. for Todd families of Virginia!)

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