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House of Gordon Genealogy
& DNA Project
    The House of Gordon DNA Project Papers

We published a paper in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JOGG) in 2011. The journal edited out much of the
ancient genealogical information we had on the Gordons, including various origin theories.  Edited out was detailed
information on the Seton-Gordons, Septs, the Swinton Theory and other topics that would likely be of interest to the
House of Gordon. Therefore we are making the FULL UNEDITED VERSION of the article available here!

The Evolution of the Gordon Surname: New Insight From Y-DNA Correlations and Genealogical Pedigrees by Tei
Gordon and William E. Howard III.

Chronological Summary of Places and Names That May Relate to the Gordon Surname by Tei Gordon

    House of Gordon Books Online

The House of Gordon Volume 1 edited by J.M. Bulloch
The House of Gordon Volume 2 edited by J.M. Bulloch
Gordons Under Arms edited by J.M. Bulloch (a biographical muster roll)
The Gay Gordons Some Strange Adventures of a Famous Scots Family by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons of Cairnfield by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons of Netherfield by J.M. Bulloch
The Family of Gordon in Griamachary, in the parish of Kildoran by J.M. Bulloch
The Families of Gordon of Invergordon, Newhall, Ardoch, Rosshire, Carroll and Sutherland by J. M. Bulloch
The Gordons of Cluny by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons of Salterhill by J. M. Bulloch
A Short Family History of the Later Gordons of Beldorney by J.M. Bulloch
The Earls of Aboyne Down to the Present (1908) edited by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons in Poland "Marquises of Huntly" with a line in Saxony edited by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons in Forfarshire edited by J.M. Bulloch (with the Lairds of Ashludie, Donavourd, Tarvie, Threave & Charleton)
The Gordons in Sutherland including Embo by J.M. Bulloch
The Gordons and Smiths at Minmore, Auchorachan, and Upper Drumin in Glenlivet by J.M. Bulloch
The Making of the West Indies, The Gordons as Colonists by J. M. Bulloch
The Name of Gordon edited by J. M. Bulloch (patronymics which it has replaced or reinforced.)
Bibliography of the Gordons by J.M. Bulloch
Thomas Gordon, The Independent Whig edited by J.M. Bulloch
The First Duke of Gordon edited by J.M. Bulloch
The Second Duke of Gordon and the Part He Played at the Battle of Sheriffmuir edited by J.M. Bulloch
Territorial Sodiering in the North-East of Scotland during 1759-1814 edited by J.M. Bulloch
The Records of Aboyne prepared by the Marquis of Huntly 1894
Travels, Sport and Politics in the east of Europe by the 11th Marquis of Huntly 1887
A Legend of the Grand Gordons by Mrs. Alexander Ross
A Concise History of the Ancient and Illustrious House of Gordon by C.A. Gordon
History of the Ancient Noble and Illustrious Family of Gordon by William Gordon
The Life of George, Fourth Earl of Aberdeen Vol.1 by Lady Frances Balfour
The Life of George, Fourth Earl of Aberdeen Vol 2 by Lady Frances Balfour
Coclarachie by Rev. Stephen Ray
Gordons in Virginia: With Notes on Gordons of Scotland and Ireland by Armistead C. Gordon (*zip file!)
The Gay Gordons Ballads of an Ancient Scottish Clan by Armistead C, Gordon
William Fitzhugh Gordon; A Virginian of the Old School by Armistead C. Gordon
Chinese Gordon: a succinct record of his life by Archibald Forbes
Too Late for Gordon and Khartoum by Alex MacDonald
Gordon at Khartoum by Wilfrid S. Blunt
Pictorial Records of the English in Egypt with a Full Descriptive Life of General Gordon Hero of Khartoum Chronicles
of a Gay Gordon by Brig. General Joseph Maria Gordon (founder of the Australian modern Army)
Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire by Harry Gordon Slade
Balbithan House, H Gordon Slade 1981
Beldorney Castle, H Gordon Slade 1981
Craigston Castle, H Gordon Slade 1981
Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire, H Gordon Slade 1981
The Landed Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland by Sir Bernard Burke
Speech of George Sennott, on the trial of [the] Gordons, in Boston, for treason (1864)
Apology for the conduct of the Gordons (correspondence, examination & trial 1809)  by L H Gordon
Outlaws of Ravenhurst (last stand of the Gordons) by Sister M. Imelda Wallace. Read by Maria Therese **audio book
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