Gordon Modern (Regimental)  
Source Tartan Society ts214 from
Duke of Gordon 1793 (Forsythe of
Huntly) From three patterns based on
the Black Watch by Forsythe at the
commission of the Duke, the Duke
chose the single yellow over check
and offered the double and triple tram
lines to other family heads.  Thread
count: B24, K4, B4, K4, B4, K24, G24,
Y4, G24, K24, B24, K4, B4
Variation of Gordon Red/ Old Huntly
Source Tartan Society TS641 It is
documented in a letter from a David
Rodgers of Forfar addressed to
Messrs Wilson of Bannockburn dated
July 25th 1796. Thread Count: B28,
W2, G16, W2, DG32, A12, W2, B28,
W2, G28, A12, G12, R16, DG12, R16,
Gordon of Esselmont
Source Tartan Society ts1064.
Previously listed as Gordon Ancient,
Captain Wolrige-Gordon of
Esslemont in recent research found
that the Duke of Gordon applied to
Forsythe of Huntly to provide kilts for
his troops. He chose the single stripe
and called in the Heads of the
families to choose from the others.
Esslemont took the three stripe
version. Thread Count: K8, P46, K46,
G44, Y6, G6, Y12
(also in blue tones)
Gordon of Esselmont (Ancient)
This is the three tram line version of
the tartan commissioned of Forsythe
of Huntly by the 4th Duke of Gordon in
1793. (See Gordon of Esselmont
below.) Thread Count: K8, B46, K46,
G44, Y6, G6, Y12
Gordon Old/Muted
Same as the Gordon Modern above,
but in the pre-aniline dye colors. The
tartan is sometimes referred to as
muted. (This is the tartan the Chief
wears!)  Thread count: B24, K4, B4,
K4, B4, K24, G24, Y4, G24, K24, B24,
K4, B4
Gordon of Abergeldie
Source Tartan Society ts955 This sett
was reconstructed from a scarf in a
painting of Rachael Gordon, hanging
in Abergeldie Castle, painted by
Alexander in 1723. The count and
colour description was taken by the
Lord Lyon in 1953.  Thread Count:
G36, Y2, LP12, K2, W2, R40
Gordon Red Muted
Same as above but in the pre-aniline
dye colors. Thread Count: A12, G12,
R18, K12, R18, B18, W4, C16, W4,
K32, A12, W4, B32, W4, G36
Gordon Dress
Source Tartan Society ts1782, W & A
K Johnston. Oldest of the Dress
Gordons, this sett is based on the
usual Gordon or 92nd regimental
pattern. Thread Count: W4, B2, W24,
B4, W4, K16, B16, K4, B4, K4, B16,
K16, G16, K2, Y4, K2, G16, K16, W4,
B4, W24, B2, W4
Sir William Gordon of Fyvie proudly
wore a Gordon Red Tartan for his
portrait in 1766.  
Portrait by Pompeo
Batoni (1766) hangs at Fyvie Castle.
The first documented effort to enforce a
uniformity  of tartan worn throughout an
entire clan was in 1618, when Sir Robert
Gordon of Gordonstoun, wrote to Murry of
Pulrossie requesting that he bring the
plaids worn by his men into "harmony
with that of his other septs."  It was a Red

In 1793, Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon
commissioned three patterns based on
the Government tartan (Black Watch)
from William Forsythe of Huntly. He chose
the version with the single yellow over
check for himself and his new regiment,
and offered the double and triple tram line
versions to the two main Cadet Branches
of the Family.  Contrary to popular belief,
the regiment which first wore the Gordon
Modern was not the Gordon Highlanders.
It was the Gordon Fencibles raised in
1793. The Gordon Highlanders who made
the tartan famous around the world were
raised in 1794!
Gordon Weathered
Believe it or not this is the same sett
as the Gordon Modern! When the
wearing of tartan was outlawed after
the 1745 Rebellion, many people
buried their tartans. They were in
many cases dug up when the ban
was lifted. This tartan is woven in
colors that simulate what the Gordon
Modern/Regimental would have
looked like after being buried for 50
Incidentally the Gordon Modern
sun fades to this color pallet.
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Gordon Clan Tartans
Gordon Red
Source Tartan Society TS1955,
Thread Count: A12, G12, R18, K12,
R18, B18, W4, C16, W4, K32, A12,
W4, B32, W4, G36