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History and Heritage
The History of the Gordons

Articles on the Heritage & History of the Gordons & Septsmen will be posted on a
regular basis. All members of the House of Gordon are encouraged to submit an article
or link to be included.

Brief History Of The Gordons
Clan Map
Adm. Sir James Alexander Gordon, GCB  (see his connection to Virginia and US History)
General Charles "Chinese" Gordon
Daisy Gordon, Who Is She & Why Is She Important?
Famous & Not So Famous Gordons & Septsmen
Sir James Matthew Barrie, Baronet Barrie
Joe "Flash" Gordon
Charles O. Gordon Obituary

Links to Heritage & History Articles on the Gordons

The Spanish Connection
The Gonzalez-Gordons and Sherry
The Spanish Gordon Family Today
Scots In Poland (many references to the Gordons!)
The Mystery of the Fire of Frendrought. 1630. (excellent article!)
Diary of Private J.W. Milne, of the Gordon Highlanders (1900) during the Boer War.
Pte Robert Gordon, 4th Gordon Highlanders (WWI)
Gordon's Musketeers The Marq. of Huntly's Strathbogie Regiment of Foote (1639-1644)
Gordon Setters (scroll down the page to see information on the Setters!)
Gordon Fencibles 1778-1783

Gordon Place Names in Virginia

Gordonsville, Virginia                Founded by Nathaniel Gordon (see also this link)
Gordon's Peak
Gordon's Dam (Chesterfield)
Gordon Creek
Gordon Island
Gordon Landing
Gordon Cemetery (Buckingham)
Gordon Cemetery (Caroline)
Gordon Cemetery (Fredericksburg) AND HERE
Gordon Cemetery (Madison)
Gordon Corner
Gordon Crossing
Gordon's Run
Gordon's Dam (Spotsylvania)

Castles & Manors Held by the Gordons

Castle Index (a listing of Castles & Manors associated with the Gordons)

Below are listed only  the main homes of the Gordons, use the index above for a more
complete listing

Abergeldie             Aboyne                         Beldorney               
Gight                     Gordon Castle              Huntly Castle                
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