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Gordon Castle

Also called Bog O’Gight, located in Morayshire, Fochabers.

A palace built for the Dukes of Gordon near
Fochabers in Moray, Gordon Castle was
designed by John Baxter in 1769 for the 4th
Duke of Gordon. It replaced an earlier castle
that had been built by George Gordon, the
2nd Earl of Huntly, in the 1470s and was
enlarged by his grandson into a magnificent
Renaissance palace. The 18th century
reconstruction was described as "the most
magnificent edifice north of the Forth". All
that remains is one tower.

In 1586 Bog o'Gight, (later renamed Gordon
Castle), became the preferred seat of the family.
The splendour of the castle is revealed in a
drawing by Slezer -
It appears as a
talisman of Gordon's
vast wealth and
political ambitions.
The lavish spending
on the castle and its
policies continued in
1769 when the
Edinburgh architect,
John Baxter, was
appointed to remodel
the old castle into a
monumental new
country house on the scale of a palace, having few rivals in Scotland. These
developments provide the framework for the present castle structures and designed
landscape, and the fact that so little survives now of the buildings should not
disguise the immensely important historical associations of the site, and the role of
the Gordons as patrons of the arts.
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