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Gordon Huntly (Commemorative)
Source: The Tartan Society ts2624,
Claire Donaldson for House of Edgar
(Woollens) Ltd. Chosen by the local
people of Huntly from a number of
trial designs for a tartan to celebrate
the Gordon Millennium Gathering
held there in August 2000. Thread
Count: R4, MB6, FB24, K22, MG22, Y4
(Sometimes called Huntly 2000.)
ROXBURGH DISTRICT: Roxburgh district's connection with the Gordon's goes back to before 1130 AD when a charter
was recorded by Adam de Gordun granting lands to the monks in Kelso.
Roxburgh District Tartan
Source Tartan Society ts500
Thread Count: B4, R2, G32, B16, W2,
B2, W2, B32
Recorded in 1952 from a sample
labelled 'Roxburgh' by Dr Phil Smith Jr.
Roxburgh Red
Source Tartan Society ts140
Thread Count: B6, DG52, B6, R6,
B40, R6, B6, R52, DG10, W6
Roxburgh Red Muted
Source Tartan Society ts140
Thread Count: B6, DG52, B6, R6,
B40, R6, B6, R52, DG10, W6
Huntly District (above)
Source: Tartan Society ts853, 'Old and
Rare Scottish Tartans' was published
in 1893 by DW Stewart. The Huntly
district tartan is known to have been
worn at the time of the '45 rebellion by
Brodies, Forbes', Gordons, MacRaes,
Munros and Rosses which gives a
strong indication of the greater
antiquity of the 'District' setts. Thread
Count: G16, R4, G16, R24, B2, R2,
B4, R2, B2, R24, B2, R2, B4, R2, B2,
R24, W2, R6, Y2, B24, R6, B24, Y2,
R6, W2, R24, G4, R6, G4, R24, G16,
R4, G16
Aberdeen District
Source Tartan Society ts1801, first
documentary evidence is contained in
a purchase order, addressed to
Wilson's, from Scott and Anderson,
dated 20th June 1794.  Thread Count:
W4, LG8, K32, W4, P12, A8, W4, A8,
P12, W4, P6, R16, LR6, W4, LR6,
R16, P6, W4, K24, LG8, K24, W4, P6,
R16, LR6, W4, LR6, R16, P6, W4,
A20, W4, R12, LR6, W2, LR6, R12,
W4, LG8, K32, W4, R46, LR6, W4
Deeside District (left)
Thread Count: W4, N4, P8, N28,
G4, RB20, Y4
A modern tartan designed 1963 by Fenton Wynes on behalf of Dee
Valley Textiles, Ltd. Waverley House, Aberdeen. Called 'Seaside' by
West Coast Woolen Mills, Vancouver in 1975. Sample in Scottish
Tartans Authority's Johnston Collection. An original cutting shows
the grey to be 'speckled' - a mixture of grey and black a little like the
Balmoral grey. The grey represents the granite, the blue the River
Dee and the two mountain ranges (Cairngorms and Grampians);
green is for the forests, white the birch trunks and snow, yellow the
broom and gorse and purple is for the heathers and the Celtic
dynasties 'and their present day successors, the House of Windsor'
(Britain's Royal Family).
District Tartans Associated with the Gordons